This section details releases that don’t really fit into any of the previous sections. They are included here purely for information.


Reader’s Digest RDJC 761/6S:  The Best Of Johnny Cash

This was a flexi demonstration disc that was mailed to Reader’s Digest contributors in the UK to promote ‘The Best Of Johnny Cash’ 6-album box set.


New Spotlight SP1:  Danny Boy / Star Greetings

This single was produced for the Irish publication ‘New Spotlight’ by Radio Luxembourg and given away free with the December 1972 issue. The B side contains Christmas greetings from various stars of the time. These stars included David Cassidy, Fanny, Labi Siffre, The Bee Gees, Slade, Neil Diamond, Thin Lizzy, Dana, Uriah Heap, Cliff Richard and Val Doonican.

Danny Boy

Artist: Johnny Cash // Composer: Frederic Weatherley // Producers: Don Law & Frank Jones // Initial Recording Date: 20th-21st December 1964 // Recording Venue: Columbia Studios, Nashville.



b/w – Star Souvenir Greetings


AuraVision Christmas 1964 Columbia Record Club promo

This is a set of six records put out by the Columbia Record Club at Christmas 1964 as a promotional gimmick/free bonus for joining the club. They are made from thin “AuraVision” stock and intended for play at 33 rpm.

The songs and artists: “The Little Drummer Boy” — Johnny Cash; “White Christmas’ — Johnny Mathis; “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” — Mitch Miller; “O Come all ye Faithful” — Mormon T. Choir; “The Christmas Song” — Andy Williams; and “Silent Night” — Percy Faith.



‘Snowdrift Shortening’ 5″ cardboard free gift

Columbia Special Products made these recordings on cardboard and were included as a complimentary gift with the purchase of Snowdrift Shortening in the mid 1960’s.

(Snowdrift was a lard shortening product used for cooking.)

They were one-sided 5” records, playing at 33 1/3 rpm, with the music side looking like a miniature record. The word FREE was written in large red letters on the non-playing side together with the title of the song. They were pressed in very limited numbers.


Top 4 EX-4167:  The Sons Of Katie Elder / Take Five (Iran)

Released Date   1965

All of the Iranian records were released in extremely limited numbers. Those releases are from the late 1950s until the start of the 1970s when the last King of Persia (Shah) ruled the country. After change of regime in Iran the new government closed all record companies and destroyed all available records on the market.

The A side also includes ‘The Bounty Killer’ instrumental.

The Sons Of Katie Elder

Artist: Johnny Cash // Composer: Ernest Sheldon & Elmer Bernstein // Producer: Don Law & Frank Jones // Initial Recording Date: 11th June 1965 // Recording Venue: Columbia Studios, Nashville.

Hear it here



b/w – Take Five by Dave Brubeck

Johnny Cash does not feature on this track.


The Good, The Bad, And The Two Cookie Kid!

Released Date   Sep 1993

Although this was only released on cassette, it’s worth listing here for completeness. The cassette contained the song and the story on both side 1 and side 2. The cassette was accompanied by a storybook.


Artists: Johnny Cash and the Better Place Band // Composer: Eric Herbst // Producer: Eric Herbst // Initial Recording Date: March 18, 1993 // Recording Venue: Better Place, LSI & Trod Nossel Studios.


Narration by: Johnny Cash // Written by: Shirley Kelley


South American releases

At least two 10” singles were released in South America

All Over Again / What Do I Care was released in both Argentina and Uruguay      


I Got Stripes / Five Feet High And Rising was released in Argentina  


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